Living Lab Campus Sterre

Living Lab Campus Sterre

Climate challenges at campus Sterre

The university campus Sterre was built in the sixties and is in need of renovation. In addition, the UGent committed itself to become carbon neutral in 2050. Therefore, there’s a need for sustainable and climate-friendly renovation, management and use of the campus.

In order to make use of the in-house knowledge of the university, a living lab with a focus on climate challenges at campus Sterre was founded with funds from the Flemish Climate Fund. The campus will function as a testing ground where students, academic staff, professional university staff and external actors conduct action-research on sustainable and climate-friendly solutions.

The project is part of the Stadsacademie, where city stakeholders, academic staff, students, and professional university staff define challenges which are transformed into assignments for dissertations, group works and other experiments.

Get involved!

Are you a researcher and would you like to do research (with students) on this topic? Are you a student and would you like to write a thesis with societal impact? Are you a staff member of the university whose work is connected to this topic? Are you involved with the neighbourhood or the campus itself?

Contact Femke Lootens, living lab coordinator, on