Sustainights: Sustainable Tuesdays at the Green Hub

Sustainights: Sustainable Tuesdays at the Green Hub

Posted on September 22 2021

Starting on Tuesday October 12, from 18:00 until 21:00, with Making Tomorrow, the festive Sustainight launch event. With a snack and a drink we get to know each other and you get to know the sustainability actions that we want to pursue this academic year. Maybe there is something you want to commit to?


6-7 pm: introduction, with a snack and a drink

7 pm: presentation of different theme tables, which you can join:

Greening and Temporay Urbanism: Get rid of those gray, neglected corners on campuses! We soften them up and make them green. Or brighten them up with benches, planters, seats, etc. This academic year we are looking for a parking lot on campus Dunant and Coupure. But maybe you have spotted some places that could use a makeover?

Climate summit in Glasgow: The 26th climate summit will take place in Glasgow at the beginning of November. It's about changing the course of action. And for this we want to be the megaphone at UGent. Do you want to help develop actions and prepare a campaign?

Sustainable student associations: Are you a member of the praesidium of a student association? Or do you ever organize a student event? Then together we can look how it can be made more sustainable. Or maybe you can share a cool sustainability project with others?

Sustainable campuses: Tired of single-sided printing, vending machines, overheated rooms, lack of water fountains or green spaces? Get out there, see what's going on and try to help your faculty go that extra mile. Find inspiration at

Vlömarkt, Ecomarkt, Gent aan Zee, ... : During the academic year we organize a number of events with which we want to appeal to a larger audience. For example, we have already organized a Vlömarkt and an ecomarket for several years. The City of Ghent wants to organize a new edition of Ghent by the Sea in the spring. Would you like to help organize and/or give it a new impulse?

Just a chat: What are you doing to live more sustainably? Maybe you can give others ideas? Or they you? Just some relaxed chatting and some experiences and ideas exchange so ...

Or an idea of your own? A cocky idea? Maybe we can tackle this too?

Join us at the Green Hub, Ufo building (at street level accross from supermarket Okay), Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 33, Ghent